Chambers and Associates

Linden Hall 2011

Linden Hall 2011


We are doing what we have always done:

Why should a potential client care? Simple: consistency of service. We continue to provide the same services, with the same experienced people as before the economic downturn. When do you need to have the most experienced team? When you need to receive the biggest value for your dollar. Our staff, morale and hours are the same, ready to serve you with the experience you deserve. Don't take our word for it, call our clients and hear first hand.

"I find it amazing that a principal of an architectural firm is still so personally committed to his work... This alone is refreshing and most times unheard of in the professional fields."

Dennis T. Rozak RPA, FMA SMA Coordinator of Maintenance and Operations, Owen J. Roberts School District (Client since 2000) 610.469.5125

"What sets Jeff apart from other architects and firms is the simple fact of personal service. By choice, he tackles a small number of projects at any given time so that he can provide that personal attention that customers want and desire. It is the personal attention that made our project run smoothly and resulted in a project that we are proud of, within budget."

Paul M. Healey Ph.D., Superintendent, Bermudian Springs School District (Client since 1986) 717.528.4113